Trading platform, which unites various organizations (online and offline business) and buyers, in which buyers earn money from purchases of other people.

Ready loyalty system and platform for attracting investment. Multiple sources of income. Interest-free loans and the service is free railway / Air tickets. Video tutorials. Log in to learn more.

Implement a loyalty system for involving consumers in repeat sales and reducing the cost of attracting new customers


Clothing / Shoes


Gas Station


Shopping Malls


Car service


Online Stores



How to keep existing customers and attract new ones?

Some vehicles are used for the first time in Russia. For example, for buyers, this is interest-free lending and the ability to earn money from other people's purchases. Customers who come on the recommendation cost 6-8 times cheaper than customers who are attracted from the cold market. Our customers themselves attract other customers and earn money from their purchases; this is the word of mouth mechanism in electronic form, which significantly reduces the cost of attracting new customers.

How to increase the average bill and the frequency of purchases?

Buyers receive cashback (refund from the purchase price) for their purchases and can spend it either in the organization in which they received it, or in partner organizations. The business earns in both cases - either on re-sales in its business, or from the purchases of its customers in all partner organizations. For business, this is an additional channel to monetize the existing customer base.

How to attract business investment?

Instant feedback about your business. The ability to track complaints, questions and suggestions of customers for each outlet.

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We offer promotion partners without financial investments and risks to increase their income by connecting business to the partner program Smile

Advertising, consulting and marketing agencies

Private consultants,
business coaches

Sales specialists, marketers, top managers

Webmasters, website development studios

Organizers of business events

Sellers of cash equipment

System Integrators

Anyone who at least interacts with the business

Revenue from the sale of a license

Connect your business to the affiliate program and earn income from the sale of a license. For the majority of paid sales channels, the partner immediately pays for the costs of attracting a client, and can invest the money in attracting a new client, while continuing to receive passive income from the connected business.

Commission for each transaction

The partner who connected the business receives income from all purchases of all buyers in this business within the program, as well as from purchases of the entire client base of this business in all partner organizations. The reporting period is daily, daily payments.

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Earn money from your purchases and from purchases of other people in all partner organizations

The list of partner organizations and the interest-free lending platform, the entire structure of the network and purchases, daily payments and reports, ways of earning and video tutorials. Log in to your account to learn more.